Charity Sales | 义卖会

Life Care Society will organise a yearly charity sales to raise fund, and also participate charity sales from different welfare society in giving a helping hand to them to raise fund too.

1 thought on “Charity Sales | 义卖会

  1. Oliver

    Just want to bring you to the attention of the fact that one of the participants selling rotten longgen at the charity sale at the upstair of mbks today. I bought a packet of about 500 GM at a cost of Rm10
    When I brought them home, I found out that they were mostly rotten already, in the end I have to throw all of them away..
    Not sure if the seller is awared of that or not. If it is so, it is very unbecoming to sell spoilt goods at charity sale. They have the right to check if the food is in good conditions before selling also.
    Hope this similar problem will not happen in your future charity sales. Thanks


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