Welfare Work | 社会关怀与福利

There are a lot of unfortunate people which still live in a rather difficult situation, and the Life Care Society also plays the role of identifying people like this and take relevant action to assist them in some ways.

3 thoughts on “Welfare Work | 社会关怀与福利

  1. Michelle Liew

    I would like to help with some welfare work this weekend. Are there any I could do? I am a doctor and could help with medical attention.

    Let me know thanks


    1. LifeCareAdmin Post author

      Hi Michelle Liew, currently we dont have any welfare work this weekend. Our coming activity will be on the 11th May, which is our iShave fund raising campaign. Thank you.

  2. Choo Teck Fong

    Hi, May I know what will the next welfare work be coming and I would like to join in as volunteer if I am available on that day of welfare activity

    Looking forward to hear from you

    Thank you

    Best Reg
    Ms Choo


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