[Activity] Kuching Life Care Society, Chinese New Year Appreciation Dinner

02 01

16 Feb 14. 古晋博爱举办了新春联欢跟恩晚宴,要感恩多年来一路支持古晋博爱的朋友及家人们。对于大家有钱出钱,有力出力的精神,古晋博爱万分感激。并且会继续的努力,早日把建立博爱安宁中心的梦想早日实现,来帮助大众。 Kuching Life Care Society had organise a Chinese New Year gratitude dinner, the reason is to thanks all the friends and family who had help Kuching Life Care Society and supported financially, physically, and mentally. The team will continue to work hard to achieve the dream on building Sarawak first palliative centre, to help the unfortunate people.

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